When excellence meets efficiency

Easy to use

OCCT is fully portable with no installation process required : it runs from a USB stick or a network folder directly. We hate next-next-finish processes.

We thrive to make the user interface as user-friendly as possible, with clear indicators, so that you can leave the program running and see or hear if anything happen.


OCCT has built a very thorough reputation in the industry and with consumers alike. We define stability for a reason ! More than 5 millions use OCCT each year.

Using OCCT will be proof enough for your customers that you cared about their stability and setups. If you end up on reddit, people will concur !

Fast diagnostic

OCCT features reknowned stability tests allowing for quickly identifying hardware issues. OCCT is updated regularly to cover most scenarios and to detect them as fast as possible.

OCCT will be the one stop shop for finding what the issue is and bring it to a timely resolution.

Stability toolbox

OCCT is a complete solution for stability testing : Covering all the major components of a system and excelling at assessing stability of each.

We always innovate, and OCCT is the sole stability test that can change its load dynamically, test several GPUs in paralel, and even AI-oriented hardware without 3D rendering capabilities.

Top notch support

We are dedicated to promptly addressing all inquiries you may have. Our reputation is founded on our accessibility and our commitment to resolve even the most minor concerns.

Our motto : if you face the issue, others will, so we might as well fix it for everyone. And we do !

Reputation Lift-up

You may test your computers but if don't show proof to your customers, they will always doubt you. With stability certificates, you have undeniable proof that you did !

Certificates are hosted on OCBASE, hence acting as the authority for proving your commitment. We are known for our reputation !

PRO & PREBUILTS editions


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