A complete toolbox of stress tests

Test every component of your PC using 6 powerful, efficient tests ! CPU, Memory, GPU, VRAM, Power supplies, every critical component can be tested.

Next level 3D testing

Stop squinting your eyes to pick artefacts - you've got better things to do. Seriously. OCCT has 3 3D tests that will report any artefact that occur. 3D adaptive, based on Unreal engine, can test the whole GPU curve in a single click ! No other test out there does that.


Exclusive to the enterprise edition, this innovative test is designed to reproduce a compute load and is able to test all GPUs, including Nvidia A100 and others. As with all other OCCT's 3D stress tests, it is capable of testing several cards in parallel !

Top-notch monitoring

View the insides of your computer using OCCT's built-in monitoring and system information engine, based on the award-winning engine HwInfo64.


Done overclocking ? Compare your results using OCCT's built-in benchmarks for CPU and Memory ! OCCT features a new Latency and Bandwidth benchmark for CPU Cache and Memory. Why would one pay to get this informations ?

Stability Certificates

Done overclocking ? Compare your results using OCCT's built-in benchmarks for CPU and Memory ! ( More coming soon )

Choose your class

You're using a computer, and wondering why it's acting funny, and why it's always crashing before you hit that save button.

You're a gamer, and you want to see why it always crashes in front of the last boss.

Or you're a wookie. We like wookies.

Test all your components one by one and pinpoint any issue it may have

OCCT has a test for every major component in your system. We sometimes even have several just to get you covered. If there's something wrong, we'll report it, and OCCT's reputation at finding flaws will help you get the faulty part RMA'ed.

Top-notch monitoring for your system

Always keep an eye on your system's vitals with the integrated version of HwInfo, the best monitoring software out there. If it's overheating, you'll know. If there's a voltage drop, you'll know. If your computer doesn't straight up reboot, that is.


Stability testing since 2003

OCCT is the most popular all-in-one stability check & stress test tool available.

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